Cooling Services

Cooling Services

Air Conditioning Repair & Installation in Wilson, NC

Most people forget about their air conditioners once they buy them. What they do not realize is that air conditioners need a regular tune-up according to the manufacturer's recommendations. People only realize this once their AC is broken. The regular maintenance of air conditioners demands that annual tune-ups and filter changes are looked into.

You also save money by servicing your AC regularly. Every year that you do not tune it up, you lose 5% of its efficiency. A less efficient AC means a bigger electricity bill. When you get regular tune-ups, you also prolong the life of your AC.

To keep your AC ready for the summer, call B&J. Our technicians will check the air filter and coolant levels. They will clean the condenser coils, evaporator, and drains. With us, all the small problems that can lead to bigger problems are taken care of.

Contact us for an AC inspection or a tune-up today! 

Service And Repairs For Rocky Mount, NC

A noisy air conditioner can give you sleepless nights and groggy mornings, leaving you tired throughout the day. This sound is an indication that your air conditioner needs urgent servicing and repairs. A faulty air conditioner not only gives you less cooling, but also eats into your pocket by generating huge power bills.

What you need is expert professional help from experienced technicians who can identify the problems and rectify them in time. If left unrepaired for long, your AC can even make your home dangerously hot, causing discomfort and posing danger to the health of your family. The quality of air that you breathe can also deteriorate when your AC malfunctions.

At B&J, we understand that it is frustrating for you to have a faulty air conditioner. Our technicians will be at your doorstep in the shortest possible time. Our workmen will never start work until you find our quote acceptable.

Check out more about us and how our air conditioning contractors take steps to respect you and your property. Then, schedule an appointment. We serve the entire Wilson, NC and Rocky Mount, NC area.

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