Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning


No blockage too tough. No job too small. 

Today we have more tools than ever to make even the toughest and most stubborn of clogs disappear, including:

  • In-line video inspection to locate the exact location and extent of the problem.
  • High-speed water jetting to clean your sewer and drain lines from one end to the other.

What’s more, we encourage regular use of these environmentally safe and effective drain products to help prevent problems in the first place. Neither are available in supermarkets, but you can obtain both from B&J:

  • Bio-Clean (or similar) drain cleaner: It’s environmentally safe and won’t corrode your sewer and drain lines like the drain cleaners available at your supermarket.
  • Root-X: Also environmentally safe and a highly effective means of preventing tree and shrub roots from invading and cracking your sewer, drain & water lines.

Watch this video on the eco-friendly Bio-Clean drain cleaner. It's non-abrasive, unlike supermarket brands, and it will help prevent drain problems with regular use.

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