Why a Heat Pump System is a Great Choice for North Carolina Residents! ‌

Heat Pump Condenser

For years, home heating and cooling systems were always furnaces and air conditioners. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! Heat pumps are nice alternatives that address some of the common gripes people have with both furnaces and air conditioners. We want to share our knowledge as industry professionals so you understand how this less popular, but very viable home HVAC system can work for you and your family. It might be time to replace your old systems with a flexible heat pump. Let’s get started!

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a somewhat general term. Heat pumps are used primary for HVAC, but can even be used as part of a water heater system. However, the basic points remain. A heat pump requires two units working in symbiosis with each other. One is outside your home and one is inside your home. In the case of a water heater, one would be inside the water heater and one would be outside. These units are designed to transfer heat between them using electricity. Compare that to a furnace, which burns fuel to create heat, and you can see why a heat pump would require so much less energy.

One of the coolest things about a heat pump is that this process of heat transfer can go in both directions. This allows the system to heat and cool your home using the same process!

The Benefits of a Heat Pump

We’ve already alluded to some of the great benefits associated with heat pumps, but we wanted to give you a fuller list so you can make the right choice for you and your family.

Efficiency and Lower Costs

Every month you get a utility bill based on your energy expenditures. This is a significant amount of your monthly expenses and if you could lower it, I’m sure you would jump at the chance. A heat pump is an investment in your home that will pay itself back every single month when you get a cheaper bill.

For heating, you are utilizing electricity rather than fossil fuels like fuel oil or natural gas. This alone is more efficient, especially when you consider North Carolina’s higher cost for natural gas when compared to other states. All of this makes your system more efficient which makes good business.

Protection from Gas Leaks and a Smaller Carbon Footprint

We know that switching from fossil fuels has other benefits as well. A heat pump can never cause a gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning. Natural gas and fuel oil can cause some unintended consequences if your furnace isn’t guiding them through the system correctly. This is why furnaces require more maintenance and need to be replaced more often than heat pumps.


There are definitely still some downsides to heat pumps overall. Furnaces can heat up a home faster and they are much cheaper to install. That’s one of the great things about our industry. There are so many choices and we want to do whatever we can to educate our customers so they can make choices for themselves. Ultimately, North Carolina has a great climate when compared against some states in the Midwest where a furnace may seem more necessary. We think it’s a great choice and we’d love to tell you more about them if you’re interested!

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