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Choosing an HVAC system for your home is an important decision. A hybrid heat pump may be the best choice when you want comfort throughout the year and energy efficiency. A hybrid system, also known as a dual fuel system, combines a heat pump and furnace. At B & J Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we install, repair, and maintain hybrid heat pumps in Wilson.

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What Is A Hybrid Heat Pump?

Regular heat pumps use a unique heat exchange capability of refrigerant to move heat energy from place to place. In a hybrid heat pump system, the heat pump uses a gas furnace for auxiliary or backup heating instead of electric heating. When the temperatures drop significantly, you can use the relatively inexpensive natural gas furnace. With most hybrid heat pumps, the homeowner can manually switch from the electric heat pump to the gas furnace. That way, the homeowner can choose the heating fuel that is the cheapest and most efficient for their needs.

A hybrid heat system offers advantages that include:

  • Enhanced comfort in cold weather
  • Air conditioning in the summer months
  • Energy efficiency
  • A lower carbon footprint

We understand that heating and cooling systems are a significant investment and the options can be overwhelming. We can explain the variety of options available on the market and help you select a hybrid system that will provide a comfortable environment in your home throughout the year with better energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs.

Why Is My Auxiliary Heat Always On?

Auxiliary heat is the backup heating source for your heat pump that turns on when your main heater can't warm your home on its own. This typically turns on when you adjust your thermostat, when your heat pump is in defrost mode, or when the outside temp drops below 35°.

Expert Heat Pump Services

Our professionally trained, licensed, NATE certified technicians offer a full range of services for hybrid heat pumps in Wilson. These systems must be installed properly for maximum performance and energy efficiency. We make sure your system is installed to the manufacturer’s exact specifications. After your system is installed, we continue to meet your needs for repairs and preventative maintenance to ensure your comfort.

If you are wondering whether a hybrid heat pump is right for your home, call (252) 512-5651 for more information.

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