Why You Should Never Skip an AC Maintenance Appointment

Why You Should Never Skip an AC Maintenance Appointment

On average, how often does your central air conditioner receive maintenance? Whether it’s for a lingering problem or just a general check-up, it’s always essential to give your unit some TLC to keep it up and running. However, sometimes it can be rather tempting to put off that maintenance appointment and forget about it altogether. Here’s why you should never do that:

Help Maintain Efficiency

Sometimes, when an air conditioner’s performance is neglected over time, your unit can start to underwhelm in terms of efficiency. In fact, you’ll notice that your energy bills will begin to rise, gradually, which is something that no homeowner ever wants to see. Typically, when a unit doesn’t perform up to par, it’s usually due to a small problem that may have gone untreated for quite some time — and sometimes that problem happens to be as simple as dirty air ducts.

Think about your air conditioner as the human respiratory system. If something is obstructing the nasal passages (air ducts), then the lungs (central air system) will have to work extra hard to produce oxygen (air) to spread throughout the body (home). Of course, if you’re not sure how you can keep track of how clean or dirty your home’s air ducts are, then that’s where a maintenance appointment comes into play. Our team will not only inspect your unit from head to toe, but a technician will also let you know if your air ducts are overdue for a cleaning.

Increase Lifespan

Just like purchasing a brand new motorcycle, an air conditioning system in your home is a valuable investment. Whether you’re tired of putting that dingey window unit back in for the summer or you feel as if your home can’t get cool enough, a central air conditioning unit can be the best choice. While these units can last for quite some time, it’s essential to take care of your new investment (just like a bike), since they can break down and decrease their lifespan over time.

It’s just like neglecting a flat tire on your bike. If you keep riding and ignore the bumpy excursion, you’ll eventually wear your investment into the ground — and the same concept applies to your air conditioner. Just like we mentioned earlier, there are a few things that could go wrong, but regular maintenance will be able to detect any problems early on, helping preserve your unit. If you neglect to have at least one appointment a year, then a unit with a lifespan of approximately ten to fifteen years will be cut in half, leaving the homeowner to make another hefty investment rather soon.

Preserve Warranty

What’s one thing that most appliances and central air conditioners have in common? A manufacturer's warranty. If you’re not familiar with a warranty, then it’s a rather simple concept to pick up: if your unit fails before it reaches its lifespan, the manufacturer will offer the purchaser a new unit for free — but there’s a catch. If your air conditioner breaks down, you won’t just be able to reach out to the manufacturer and request a new one. In fact, you’ll have to provide some documentation as to how well you’ve been taking care of your investment leading up to the break.

One major deciding factor that a manufacturer looks at, besides seeing if a licensed professional installed your unit, is how well you’ve been taking care of it. If they happen to see that you’ve been letting your air conditioner run and haven’t had a tune-up or maintenance appointment, then they could dismiss the warranty since you neglected your unit.

However, if the manufacturer sees that you’ve been taking care of it and having a licensed HVAC company perform routine maintenance and repairs, then there’s a greater chance that they’ll honor the warranty and will offer you the new unit.

Do You Need to Schedule an AC Maintenance Appointment?

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