How Can I Tell If My AC Needs a Repair?

How Can I Tell If My AC Needs a Repair?

When you hear the word “repair,” what typically comes to mind first? For some homeowners, that term can easily be associated with their motor vehicle or finding a loose bolt on the front door, but what about an AC unit? Sure, your system might seem to be functioning properly without any noticeable issue, but there’s a possibility that there might be hidden issue lingering that will need immediate repair. Here are some repair sights and sounds to look out for:

Hearing Odd Noises

Turning on your central air conditioner is usually a care-free, simple task — but a series of unsettling noises can be a cause for concern. Unlike a subtle humming noise that you may hear when you step outside, if you hear anything that sounds aggressive (i.e., clanking, scraping, clinking), then that’s definitely something that you’ll want to have repaired right away.

The reason being is that these noises can be caused by either a loose part interfering with the fan, a piece that’s about to break, or your overall unit might need to be replaced. Regardless of what it could be, it’s highly important to turn off your air conditioner right away and call for assistance. If you ignore these noises and let your unit run, you can be in for an unpleasant surprise when your unit gives way at a later date and time.

Paying Steep Energy Bills

When you get accustomed to paying your utility bills each month, typically, the grand total doesn’t change unless you’ve made an adjustment in your electricity usage. However, if you happen to notice that your grand total for your energy bill has been surging higher than normal, then this may lead you to investigate what might be the cause of the new total.

Sometimes, this increase in the amount owed could be caused by forgetting to turn the lights off or leaving your phone charger plugged in when not in use (also known as “Phantom Power”) — but one of the hidden factors is having a central air conditioner that’s in need of a repair. An AC system that either has a broken part or needs maintenance will overwork itself to produce cold air and deliver it throughout your home. This, over time, will make the system ingest more power and will increase your energy bills as a result.

Noticing Poor Air Flow

Spending summer days inside of your home can be rather unbearable, especially if your central air conditioner has been experiencing bouts of weak air flow. You know the moment well: you adjust your thermostat to the proper setting and no matter how many minutes pass, your home still doesn’t feel cool enough. Many times, this is the result of your compressor (the metal hub outside of your home) needing a repair, tune-up, or maintenance.

Another factor that could be causing poor air flow is that your air ducts could have a leak — which is hard to spot without the proper training and tools. A leak in an air duct will cause your air to migrate elsewhere in your living space and will cause your air conditioner to work overtime, as mentioned earlier, to deliver that cool air that you’re seeking.

Failing Thermostat

The brain behind the operation is your thermostat. And just like your air conditioner, this essential tool could be in need of a repair (or replacement) to get things up to speed. Since your thermostat tells your system what to do, if there’s something wrong with this device, you’ll receive the complete opposite of what you’re looking for in terms of delivery.

One of the best ways to combat this (besides a repair) is to upgrade to a smart thermostat that can be controlled by your smartphone. Additionally, you’ll even have the option to receive updates on your phone if the temperature was adjusted or if there’s a potential problem with your system, which makes spotting a repair sign much easier.

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