Why Your Home Needs a Ductless Mini Split

ductless mini split inside unit

Benefits of Choosing a Mini Split System

As a homeowner, you’ll want the best solution to keeping your home warm or cool when needed. And in some cases, homes may not have existing ductwork, or lack the space to install new ductwork, to accommodate the functions of a traditional HVAC system.

Enter: mini split ductless systems. Thanks to innovations over the years, mini split systems are a great solution to solving this problem. Here are some of their benefits:

Improves Indoor Air Quality

We know that air quality outdoors is better than the air quality indoors. Therefore, when using an old-fashioned and traditional HVAC system, you need to ensure that you clean the air ducts regularly to rid any allergens and dust.

When you install a mini split, you can breathe easy; this is thanks to the multi-stage filtration system that drastically helps reduce bacteria, pollen, allergens, dust, and any other impurities in the air. On the other hand, the filters in the system are easily cleaned and reused, helping to reduce waste!

Higher Efficiency

Mini splits are up to 30% more efficient when compared to window or central units. This efficiency means that they cool your home faster and can maintain the desired temperature — ultimately saving in energy costs!

Zone Cooling and Heating

Unlike traditional HVAC, mini splits let you heat or cool the room that you are using. For example, when working from home, you need only to heat your home office in the morning and keep your bedroom cool at night.

Substantially Quiet

Window or central HVAC systems are loud when operational. On the other hand, a ductless mini split is almost completely quiet. The quietness of the system makes it the perfect choice for persons undergoing remote learning, working from home, or if you have spent countless sleepless nights due to the noisy nature of other HVAC systems!


The mini split units are perfect for use in areas that are hard to cool. When you need a cooling system for an older home or want to cool a large room with different settings, for example, schools, hotels, offices, and hospitals, this is the best system. This way you can control the temperature of each room independently depending on how each person prefers.

All-Season Comfort

A mini split provides both heating and cooling power, in one! In the summer, it’ll help catch the hot air inside your home and send it back outside — then, pushes cold air inside using a compressed refrigerant. In the winter, the system absorbs heat in the outside air and pushes that inside.

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