Caring for Your Drains During the Holidays


Getting Ready For The Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, we can all feel the countdown until that long-needed vacation. We know how stressful it can be working this time of year, but before you kick back and welcome the new year, make sure your drains are ready for this holiday season.

While you may forget about your drains until there is an issue nagging for your attention, you can prevent dealing with any drain headaches before they rear their ugly heads. Here are some helpful pointers to keep in mind to take care of your drains this holiday season!

Drains That Smell

With the cool winter breeze settling around your home, you may not notice the damage it can do to your pipes. The cold air can be great for getting cozy and drinking hot cocoa, but nothing can ruin a relaxing night in more than a smelly drain. Smelly drains may have a few annoying root causes behind them.

Dry P-Trap

Your P-trap is the curved portion of your sink’s plumbing that is conveniently located right underneath your sink. The p-trap holds helps prevent sewer gas from venting into your home by housing a small layer of water to block the gas. With the cold winter air, sometimes the water in your p-trap can dry out. A dry p-trap can lead to more sewer gas being vented into your home. Trust us; you will notice when this gas starts venting into your home.

Sewer gas is not only smelly but breathing in this gas can be a health hazard. It's sewer gas; we all know what goes in sewers. We don't need to be breathing that stuff. Lucky for you, to fix a dry p-trap, you can simply run water down your drain to help fill it up again. Start with around half a gallon of water and you will notice your drain smell dissipating.

Venting Issues

If you tried pouring water down your drain to fix a dry p-trap but still have that sewer gas smell lingering, then you may have an underlying issue with your pipe's venting system. Your home plumbing could have problems with venting gas due to improperly installed pipes.

In addition to improper installation, a lack of routine maintenance can lead to venting issues. The last thing you want to deal with this holiday season is a dinner interrupted by the smell of the neighborhood's dinner from last night. So give our pros a call at (252) 512-5651, and we can help find the cause of that smell.

Garbage Disposal Care

Many people do not use their garbage disposal properly. While it may look like you can dump any food you want down the garbage disposal, you should try to stick to softer food items. Avoid hard food items like bones as they will not break down quickly, and any small fragments that make it down your pipes will get stuck. You may not notice immediate damages, but a clog can form over time, and you will notice the smell and overflow.

Using your garbage disposal without regular cleaning can be a smelly disaster waiting to happen because the build-up of food waste can stink up your home. Always regularly clean your garbage disposal to get rid of food waste build-up. Pour baking soda and vinegar down your garbage disposal and flush with hot water to help clean your system. Wash off any debris you may notice on your garbage disposal's splash guard too.

The most important preventative action you can take is getting your garbage disposal routinely maintained. Routine maintenance can help tackle any clog before they damage your pipes.

Routine maintenance

The winter can be harsh to your pipes and cause them to freeze. While using your home plumbing can help melt the first around your pipes, you're going to need a team of pros to install insulation to keep your pipes from freezing over.

At B & J Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. our team of professional plumbers can help inspect your home's plumbing to look out for any signs of frozen pipes, blockages, and assist with drain cleaning services. So give us a call at (252) 512-5651, and we can make this holiday season less stressful for you!